Friday, August 21, 2009

Crystal and Dreamy Series


*power available from 0-1000*



Dreamy Violet

Dreamy Blue

Dreamy Green

Dreamy Hazel

Dreamy Grey


Crystal Violet

Crystal Blue

Crystal Green

Crystal Hazel

Crystal Grey


Davids said...

hi,. i interested with ur lens,. i want super nudy brown,. please contact me,.014-8861614

hanna said...

How much is the total cost, INCLUDING shipping in USD for:

Dueba Dreamy i Brown
Angel Brown
Honey Wing
Angel Grey

and do you take paypal as a way of payment?

Katerina said...

HI! ^^
I'm intrested with Cristal Violet contact lenses,can you tell me how much is the total cost,including shipping(in USD or EURO)for Italy?
please contact me ->

Peyrong said...

hey, i am tracey.
i would like to ask more information for wholesale (:
please contact me:

Anonymous said...

How much is shipping to the U.S. if I get the Barbie Nudy Brown in 16mm. Also do you accept Paypal. Please email me:
Thank you!

messy gurl said...

i am taty
i would like to ask about the payment and the price for buying more than 1pcs
pliz cntc me :

step in said...

hi nice to meet you can i know the wholesale price
pls sms me 0169539010 or e-mail to me

fifi said...

how much you sell per pair for the super angel series? any charges for the postage within msia?May i know the base curve(B/C) and the water content for the lens. thanks!
reply me@

naz_realive84 said...

haiii,,,i interested in super angle series,,,can u email me how much it cost in riyal,,,and any discount if buy in bulk,,,please reply me in

!ZziAtuL HaWa... said...

hai..i'm interested in dreamy can i buy it?please contact me at 0176541207

myLoveStory said...

Hi, how many mm does the Super nudy brown GEO contact lenses? and how much is the price?

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