Thursday, June 18, 2009

Geo Tearful,Fresh Lens,Honey Wing Series,Animation,Crazy Lens,Melon,Piercing Circle Lens & T=Eye

Tearful Lens

Tearful Grey

Fresh Lens

Fresh Brown

Fresh Grey

Honey Wing Series

Honey Wing Purple-OL101 (0 power only)

Honey Wing Blue-OL102 (0 power only)

Honey Wing Brown-OL104

Honey Wing Grey-OL105

Animation Lens ( ALL AVAILABLE IN 0.00 POWER ONLY )



csong13 said...

RM25 is how much in the US?

purple-lens said...

RM25 is 8USD =)

putri ayuningtyas said...

Hey.. im living in Germany,,how i can order the lenses?

purple-lens said...

You just need to fill up the Order Form
and i will email you the detail :)

vivian said...

izzit the Tearful Lens is in RM26?

purple-lens said...

yup, tearful is RM26/pair (not include postage)

nanie said...

i nak tanya lens mane yg ade power?
kalau blh i nak order untuk batch 12..
if i order bila i dapat?

Azinuddin said...

how bout the price for honey wing brown & fresh lens brown?do u have it on 4.7 power?

Anonymous said...

how much for each pair of each type cost?? let me know>>>

Miss Pinky Blinky said...

babe,, how much is the FRESH GREY FC725?

cl said...

hi sis, how much for
white colour crazy lens ?

Carolyn Duval said...

hello I am interested in your puffy 3 told lenses 30 pairs or 50 pairs please can you give me a price quote in US dollars and shipping cost fast shipping please

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