Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GEO Qualification


Dear Customers,
We are very pleased to announce the Anti-Fake System effective April 1, 2009.You will receive our lenses together with the stickers which have 20 digit hidden code to check the authenticity.

Please refer to the sticker design attached herewith.You can visit the system for checking on our website of http://www.geo21eye.com or geo.fw1860.com

You are kindly requested to put the stickers on the vials or blister packs when you sellthem.

But, please be advised that the stickers are not available for the lenses produced before April 1, 2009.We sincerely hope this would be of some help for us to preserve our market together.

With best wishes,

our lens is 100% ORIGINAL and SAFE !

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