Monday, August 17, 2009

Blytheye Series and Gothic Series

Blytheye Series 14.0mm
*power 0-1000*


Blytheye Pink

Blytheye Violet

Blytheye Blue

Blytheye Green

Blytheye Brown

Blytheye Grey

Gothic Series 14.5mm
*power 0-1000*


Gothic 3 Tones Violet

Gothic 3 Tones Blue

Gothic 3 Tones Green

Gothic 3 Tones Brown

Gothic 3 Tones Grey

Gothic 3 Tones Honey

Gothic 3 Tones Sapphire

Gothic 3 Tones Hazel


fadziella said...

how long is the lifespan for gothic series lenses? and if i want to buy a pair, can each of the lens be of different power?

purple-lens said...

Can. life span 1 year, but suggest to wear 6-8months :)

sofia salinas said...

Send yo mexico? In dóllar please :)

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