Friday, August 28, 2009

Kimchi Series

Kimchi Series

Mermaid Series 16mm
*power 0-850*





Prince Black 16mm
*power 0-850*


Bambi Blue

Bambi Brown

Flora Green

Flora Brown

Flora Grey

Flora Pink

Kiss Pink

Kiss Grey

Maki Yellow

Maki Grey

Misty Violet

Misty Blue

Misty Brown

Misty Grey

Viva Series 16mm
*power 0-850*


Viva Violet

Viva Blue

Viva Brown

Viva Grey


!ZziAtuL HaWa... said...

i want the viva brown and bambi can i get it?contact me please at 0176541207 or

Anonymous said...

Hello Seller at PURPLE-LENS!

I would like to purchase 1 pair of the ViVa series in Violet!!

May I know how much does it cost in total plus shipping to Singapore?

Thank You Loads!!
Please email me at

♡ M I K I ♡ said...

how much is Prince Black 16mm, shipping to SINGAPORE??

彩虹の美妙 said...

How much is it to ship to singapore
Pls reply to

anna said...

kimchi viva if include postage to kajang how much ? email me at please n thank you :)

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