Sunday, April 15, 2012

Price List

Attention !!!

Start from 9 Apr, i.Fairy will have the authentic sticker.

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-NEW LENS added!!!
i.Fairy Series III
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1. Lens pictures are at the side bar"Type of contact lens"

2. We will post out the lens within 3 working days after payment made.


DUEBA Power 0-10000,100,125,175,200,225,250,275,300,325,350,375,400,425,450,

Price List
(not included postage fees)

Dreamy Lens
Crystal Lens

Blytheye Series
Kimchi Series
Crayon217 Series

\ BT15 Series
\ Bling13 Series 

Pop C
Ace BlackPrincess Nudy Super Nudy Pink
Dreamy and MX Pink
Hyper Circle Black & Brown

Celeb NudyGothic Series
Natural 3 Tones Series
Bubble Series
Fairy Series
Flower Pink
BarbieDoll Series
Puffy 3 Tones
Sugar Candy
Princess Nudy Pink
Bat Series
Hana Series
Jewel Series
S-9 Series
V1-25 Series

i.Fairy Series

Postage Fees:

Pos Laju
WM: 1-9 Pair : RM7
EM : 1-9 Pair : RM10

Anyone interested can click on the "Order Form" button above
the page and fill up the Order Form

Enjoys your time :)


START FROM 25 pairs


SaiyidahAisyah said...

hey dear.
sangat murah u jual.
but how to cantact u i nak bli?
ade phone number?
if nak reply just reply kat muh blog kay.

invie said...

Hello, Do you do international shipping to the US?

purple-lens said...

Yea, Fill up the Order Form and i will reply you soon =)

vivian said...

iziit it can include flashlight?

anna said...

say yean, i write wrong at the order form..
my right eye is -4.25 , and left eye is -4.50

purple-lens said...

never mind one, they are put inside different bottle. doesn't matter write wrong side or not :)

Jacquelyn said...

hey im interested in wholesales, if u dont mind can u email me the wholesale price and selling price?? thanks ya
email add:

hanna said...

Hello im hanna from sabah,im interested to know abt the wholesale,can u sent me details including the price list u offer to this email

Eliot Jane Spencer said...

hello say yean. i am interested in the wholeselling business. can u email me the details : the price and etc.
thank you!
- eliot

tiramisuL@CELYN said...

hey.. im interested too with the wholeselling lens... im studying at UCSI too, so can direct take stock from you...
please let me know for more details...
no. : 017-2691269

hope to get your reply soon..
thank a lot...^^

celyn tiramisul

purple-lens said...

Wholesale Price List email you all edi :)

xaty said...

Can u email me the price list for wholesale?
thanks :)

♥SweetCouple♥ said...

hello~ can u send me your whole sales price??

purple-lens said...

Sent :)

snow said...

hi~i juz wan 2 ask how much the whosale price u can giv if i take 50pairs above?can u send 2 me ur whosale price list?3q very much~~

Michelle Babyy said...

erm~can i have the wholesale price too?
pls send to my email o ^^
email :

emilyjoy_tidoy2006 said...

hi say yean..i'm interested in wholeselling business..can you please email me the's my email ad:
thank you so much!

Anna said...

Hi Say Yean! I'm interested in whole selling business...Can you please email me the price list...Thank you so much! Can I join the business if I'm in the USA? This is my email:

Anne Tan said...

Hi! I'm interested in the wholesale business. Please let me know the price list. My e-mail is Thanks! :)

ilovemyhoney11 said...

hi..i'm interested in wholeselling business..can you please email me the's my email ad:

purple-lens said...

All replied :D

anna said...

say yean , anna again ^^
i like DUEBA NEW LENS d yoko series , isit still available ? ><

purple-lens said...

yaya available :)

AkiraKozue said...

Hi! Also to know about wholesale prices. Can I join if I live in USA?

My email is


xiuqiing said...

Hi, Im located in singapore.
Im interested in wholesale biz. can you send the wholesale price to


Lady's Cosmetic said...

Hi, i'm interested in wholesale package.. Do send me the price at my email> TQ

Inn said...

Could you please send the price to my mail as well
Thank you

sierraeyewear said...

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Cira Sushi said...

hi ,follow tiz ig:variety_lens_rm20,buy more than 5pair free postage

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